How do I find my purpose and my audience?

A couple days ago, I passed the halfway point in my 30 in 30 blog challenge. It seems like a good time to reflect on what I’ve accomplished and how I want to proceed. So far, I’ve learned that my adherence to grammar rules has slipped. I’m reminded that starting writing requires a commitment, but once I get going, the ideas flow freely. I’ve also had a chance to see what I like to write about. I could choose from so many topics, so why did I pick those I picked? I’ve consistently wondered why I am writing and who I am writing for? And I think my answer has been refined over time. 

I know that I have a lot of thoughts, and writing allows me to organize these thoughts and make connections to other ideas. Blogging allows me to be more objective with my ideas. They aren’t valuable unless I can articulate them, and moving these thoughts out of my head makes them feel real. I can take responsibility for my own thinking – good or bad – and share what is honest. Writing also allows me to share my struggles and successes with you. I have received many good ideas from Bloggers and YouTubers on topics from project management to psychology. I think it’s vital that we all help each other, so writing helps me do that. 

But who am I writing for? This is a tricky question for me because another benefit of writing is that it helps me summarize things I’ve read or heard. So, writing is primarily constructive for me. But because I post on a public blog, I can’t ignore the reality that other people might read this. So, how do I make something enjoyable for people to read while still having my primary focus be on the benefits that blogging provides specifically for me? 

I realized that writing for me is the best way to write for my intended audience. I like to write about my lived experience – all the ups and downs. I have a strong bent towards learning, introspection, reflection, self-criticism, and achievement. These themes will come through in my posts and resonate with people who have similar experiences. With this approach, I don’t have to worry about my audience; I can just focus on what’s most important for me to process. 

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