On the 12th Day of Blogging…

I start with a blank page each day, and it can be tough to get going. But once I stop worrying about the outcome and focus on the process, my nerves are calmed and the writing flows – almost effortlessly. I’m 12 days in, and I’m already getting the benefits of daily writing. I find that it helps me articulate my thoughts better. I usually have a lot of thoughts “up there”, but I don’t always take time to organize them into coherent ideas.

There’s one idea I’m trying to tweak. Initially, I thought I would write book and article reviews, but that feels dry and not very interesting. I like to read reviews of books and articles, but I also like the author to share something that I can relate to. So I don’t just want to talk about ideas, but about how I’ve used ideas (or not used them) and what the consequences were.

As I think about this more, I’m less concerned about the review of the article and more concerned about the utility of ideas discussed in the article. I don’t want to be a critic; I want to be a student. Finding a niche is hard, though. I don’t know if it’s something you stumble upon or if you choose it and force it to work. Like most things, I suspect the answer is probably somewhere in the middle.

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