Almost One Year Later…

A couple days ago, I received a notification that my mail would no longer be forwarded, as the year-long forwarding service was ending. I was sort of surprised that a whole year [almost] has gone by, a year which had so many changes. I broke up with my partner after one month shy of 7 years last October. That same week, I started a new job and I moved to my own apartment. It was an incredible amount of change all at once and I was very disoriented because of it. 

Almost one year later, I’m dating someone new, my job continues to evolve, and I’m preparing to move again. My life has moved so fast that it feels like I didn’t have time to process and learn from everything that has happened. It’s as if I keep starting new chapters without ending the previous one. I end up with several chapters progressing simultaneously. Is this a normal part of life? 

One of the things that’s bothered me the most is the guilt and remorse I feel from my last relationship. As I have more time to reflect on it, I don’t feel like I was a good boyfriend. And I feel like my new boyfriend is meeting a much better version of me that I didn’t give to my ex. I think I should acknowledge that I brought some good things to my last relationship but it’s the bad things that I remember the most. 

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