Midweek Musings

Learning how to blog on my phone makes this process much easier. Before, I’d have to clean off my desk, logon to Bluehost (and I’m not even sure what that’s for) and then logon to WordPress. And then I’d have the hardest time finding the button to make a new blog post. I should figure out how to use those other services so that I don’t waste my money. First, I should just make sure that I don’t get charged again. I’ll look into that now.

More importantly though, this week I realized that when I don’t respond to one email, multiple emails pile up and then I get overwhelmed as it continues to pile up. Case in point: I received a letter to sign from my leasing office on Wednesday. They offered to print it out if I came by the office or I could print and sign them on my own. I wanted to use an app on my iPad that allows me to sign PDF documents. I didn’t do it that day, though. And more emails started to come in. I watched my inbox grow. I continued to open my mail app and look at emails that had come in. Most were emails that I could just delete right away. But instead, I kept putting it off for sometime in the future when I would respond to all of the emails, including the one from my leasing office. 

It was not until Sunday at 7:30 pm that I finally deleted most of the emails, took action on a couple, and finally signed the form and sent it back. My inbox felt like a car pileup on the highway. I stopped “traffic” for one email and then all the other ones just piled up. If I maintain my email, i.e. check it every few hours and take action when needed, I feel like I’m in control. But sometimes, I think – I’ll just wait a second on this. (The same thing happens with texts and mail, too). 

A couple days later, I put to better control the traffic. Normally when I get my mail, I look at each piece and determine whether I can throw it away or whether I might have to take some type of action. And then I put it in a pile. I don’t actually throw it away or take the necessary action, even after doing the mental work. Over time, the pile gets bigger and I get more anxiety about going through it. BUT I’VE ALREADY ASSESSED THE MAIL. Like, why won’t I just throw it away or respond to it if I’ve already done so in my head?

So, I got my mail and I responded to it. I threw most away, shredded the sensitive documents, and wrote a check to pay a bill. SN: I find I like writing checks. Feels like a lost art form. It’s also satisfying. I like writing in cursive. And if you want my money, you need to go the extra mile for it. 

In conclusion, I learned it’s better to just handle stuff now. 

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