Bach: 2-Part Invention in D Minor

Whoooooa. The blog is supposed to be about Bach, brawn, banter AND beer – but I’ve only posted about beer. LOL. This fact does not accurately reflect how much I love Bach, specifically playing his music. He’s a musical genius. Even without knowing how to read or play music, Bach’s music is beautiful to hear. BUT – when you begin to analyze it musically you realize how incredibly complex and beautiful it is at the same time. EVEN STILL, none of this compares to when you actually play the music and interpret it yourself.

Even as an amateur pianist, I aspire to play my music perfectly. This is reeeally hard, especially with Bach, but I did it! Only once. A few days ago. The piece I’m finishing now is a short 2-part Invention in D Minor. Here’s a professional recording. (Once I get a camera, I can record myself and post it for you all.) This guy does a pretty good job with the piece. He plays all of the right notes and at the right speed. My only critique is that he does not let the music “breathe”. To play it all the way through so fast doesn’t really give the music a chance to “settle” with the listener. A few well-placed rallentandos would have made this an “A” performance. He still gets a “B” though.


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