Beer: Dale’s Pale Review





Billy suggested that I start with pale ales.  So, I tried Dale’s Pale Ale first.  

I did NOT like it.  

I don’t have a big beer vocabulary yet, so the words I use to describe it may not be the best.  Nonetheless, it tasted bitter, strong, and very sharp.  When it first hits my tongue it doesn’t taste bad, then it just tastes horrible all of a sudden.  My beer buddy, after hearing my description, believes that I do not like “hoppy” beer (which is apparently what Dale’s is).  I also worked on pouring the beer the right way.  The pic doesn’t look great, but I did my best.  

Oh – and I bought my first 3 singles from Total Wine.  They have LOTS of singles for sell and the associate who helped me was very friendly.  I highly recommend the Chantilly location for beer.